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986.1 Our Boxster

It was the year 2000. I had just gotten a new job with a big title. It came with a car allowance. My co-workers were getting 4 door sedans, and I asked my boss if this was what I was supposed/had to do? He said, "it is an allowance" and suggested I interpret that. So I did!

Wheels Spinning

Figuratively and literally. I had heard about a used Boxster, 10,000 miles, barely a year old. It was a bargain when I looked at someone else took the hit on depreciation and my car allowance.

My boyfriend at the time time, said “If you are going to own a Porsche, you better know how to drive it (fast)” and then bought me a weekend at Willow Springs!

20 years later, my son set a track record at Willow Springs with Porche Owners Club (for a stock 6 car--unmodified) in that very same Boxster!

How Did We Get Here?

As a toddler, I would bribe him with rides in the Boxster. An airbag kill switch was installed so we could mount his car seat.

He taught himself to drive stick shift on a simulator and then proved it to me in this car in a parking lot. He stalled once, and that was it.

A lot of weekend drives in the nearby canyons started off with me as driver, (he didn't have a driver's license yet). Ultimately I surrendered to the fact he is a better driver and became a passenger.

This led to track days in my little ol’ Boxster and race school. He pushed this car to its limits. It is a street car and we knew it had taken him as far as they could go together.

The next/current chapter is Teen Mazda Challenge.

And we are doing our first rally together in “the Boxster” in a few weeks. I will report back if we don’t kill each other.

What if I had never gotten this car?

xoxo, Mom of Stiglette

Jan 14, 2023


Race Track Name

Race Track Name



986.1 Our Boxster


Moveel Fuel
Project 6GR
Driver Toward a Cure
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