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The kid has always had "vision." Vision is the most important thing in motorsport. But that is not the vision I am talking about.

According to the dictionary, one definition is "the act or power of seeing: sight". Another is "the ability to think and plan the future with imagination or wisdom." Just look at his photography, and social media. Look at how he crops photos and adjusts them in post. The kid has vision on multiple levels.

When Joey hands someone his card, they always smile. Sure, the name Stiglette... well if you know, you know. And if you don't know who the Stig is, Joey will tell you, and you will see the evolution of the name, The Stiglette.

The other reason they always smile is that from the age of 13, the kid has had business cards! What 13 year old has business cards? Well, they assume since mom is a graphic designer, of course, I would do that for him.

Not sooo fast...

Totally his concept, and he did a rough execution (in a non-design program!) to show me his vision. I then executed it for him. Because yes I am not going to let him put anything out there that doesn't present professionally.

That was the beginning of the mother/son collaborations. One of our early collaborations was because he didn't have a driver's license yet. Joey had gotten invited to an Aston Martin test drive, but of course, couldn't drive, but I could! One of the few times I make an appearance on his YouTube channel. Checkout "My Mom is Cooler than Yours"

When it came time for his kart livery, again, he had an idea. Since his helmet had super graphic, comic book styling, I took that into account.  Again Joey's concept, my expertise.

He chose colors that he wanted to be blended. I put a half-tone dot spin on it to take it back to the helmet graphics. Not a lot of back and forth and it was fun. Maybe he is an easy client?  It was sweet he listed me as a sponsor, because what parent isn't?!

We will do anything for our kids. But your kid as client/collaborator. That has challenges.


Oh and did I mention he is a senior in high school? When is there any time in his schedule? School work, college applications and right... why are we here?... Racing!

Launching his website, well treat him like a client. Locking down assets... so he is a challenging client! But otherwise, I've got this. I just need to manage the client's expectations (and teenage moods too).

This website is a labor of love for sure. We hope you learn about Joey's path, continue to follow him chase his passion and thank you for your continued support.

XOXO, Mom of Stiglette

Feb 1, 2023


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Race Track Name





Moveel Fuel
Project 6GR
Driver Toward a Cure
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