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My First Race Win in Spec Miata

New Year, New Opportunities!

After a rookie season filled with invaluable lessons in 2023, I can now call myself a Spec Miata race winner. To achieve this in the first weekend of 2024 sets the momentum perfectly for a strong year ahead.

Productive Start

Despite this being my first race weekend with SCCA, I entered the practice session feeling calmer than ever before. With a year of experience driving this car and familiarity with Buttonwillow, Friday’s practice unfolded nearly flawlessly. As a result, Friday’s practice went almost perfectly.  By day's end, I knew we were going to have a great weekend ahead.

Be Patient

Entering Practice 1 on Saturday I had a real sense of excitement. However, my joy ended quickly when on Lap 4, I sent the car airborne through the Phil Hill turn and on landing broke the exhaust, curtailing my session.

Close But Not Close Enough

Despite putting in one of my best laps ever and managing traffic and the tires perfectly, I still ended up P2 in Qualifying 3-tenths off of pole position. So close, but so far from getting my first pole position in Spec Miata.

Painfully Close

Starting Race 1 from P2, I knew that this would be one of my best opportunities to secure a win. After getting a great start, I held the lead for a while but could not make up for my lack of pace compared to the car behind me. Lap after lap we battled for position constantly switching positions for the lead. We ended up making contact twice but luckily there was no damage to the cars. I ended up taking the lead with 2 laps to go, but on the last corner of the last lap, I lost the lead. I ended up finishing P2, less than 2 tenths away from the win. Close, but not enough.


Race 2 was a complete opposite tale of Race 1. Once again starting from P2, I nailed the start. In front of me going into Turn 1, the Spec Miata Hoosier class had an incident with 2 cars spinning out blocking the track. I reacted perfectly going around the outside and avoiding the incident completely. For the rest of the race I held the lead winning by over 7 seconds at the chequered flag.

Spec Miata Race Winner

After a challenging 2023 season with so many learning moments, it feels incredible to get my first win in Spec Miata. Achieving my first win in the opening race weekend of the year was the perfect start I needed. Now it’s time to carry the momentum and ensure 2024 becomes the year of victories.

Jan 29, 2024



January 12-14, 2024



My First Race Win in Spec Miata


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